Michaela - Adobe Character Animator Puppet


Currently working on this ZBrush character that will be used as an Adobe Character Animator Puppet. In the end, I decided to use a ZBrush render (flat + chalk renders combined in Photoshop) for a more illustrated look. Using a 3d model helps me get the different views, poses, and separate parts that I need to assemble my puppet in Photoshop. I rendered out her hair as 22 separate pieces. The body in CA is still a WIP. Eventually she will be sitting in a chair.


Had a lot of fun coming up with the fuzzy sweater, tights, and socks. Used the Noise Plugin to apply my alpha to the UVed mesh. Then, used the mask feature and deformation/inflate to get the weave patterns. Then in Fibermesh applied the hairs.


Started work on a few props. Everything the in the end will be assembled in Photoshop and After Effects. The movements & lip-sync will be done in Character Animator. Will post some video sample when it gets to a good place.





Really nice! The Sweater turned out incredible, thanks for sharing!


Nice! can’t wait to see the video samples.

What a very cute character you made , and it shows how much fun you had with the different made fibermeshes .
Also the other props you’ve made i like alot .

Thanks all! I’ll post a sample video after the next Character Animator update. They say I’ll be able to use dangle properties better so her hair will swing better. I’ll also work on her pose and body parts of the puppet which I haven’t done yet.

very very beautiful

Lovely to see you on the top row Lynne.
Your character looks wonderful:+1:

Terrific character. Excellent material. Thanks for sharing the method.

…freaky! :wink:

Wow! I certainly did a double take when I saw my work on the top row. Thank you guys! I hope to do the work proud by the time the project is complete. There are three characters to be done in all. Once for each of my kids. Michaela is a little rough around the edges and I wanted to get this aspect into her character with the messy hair and worn bunny. I will post more as this personal project develops and I do some more animation tests. I will never have time to do full on 3d animation, so Adobe Character Animator is giving me a chance to bring my work to life. Zbrush is making the illustration part much easier… as trying to figure out the different views is not so easy for me to do, especially on so much hair. Thank you again!

Very interesting in video samples !

I like to see how you mix and match software’s, to do 3D renders for 2D animation is genius as you can " draw quickly " different poses,
Really nice work. :smiley:

It does make a huge difference using 3d to create my 2d parts! Being able to hide parts and render just an arm is very useful. Plus ZB being able to render everything with an alpha is the best part. I even render out chunks of hair. Everything goes into Photoshop and my process is still a work in development, but each puppet I build teaches me a lot. I’m planning on showing a lot of the process and video samples as soon as I get a chance. More to come!