Metal Gear Solid Sketch

Solid Snake sketch + polypaint


This is such a fun design!
Thanks for sharing!

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Sup @Ian_R thank u
I will add other characters on this same style
Today on the live I will do a physico mantis sketch.

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Sketch I did in the last ZBrush lives.
Metal Gear is my favorite gaming saga and MGS1 was one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had with a video game in my childhood. There are so many iconic moments that you can’t count.
This sketch depicts the moment when you meet Psycho Mantis and he takes control of Meryl and also our control.
This sketch was made by a fan for other fans, I hope you like it! :wink:

Metal Geart Solid sketch from my last stream :package: for all the mgs fans out there



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Great sketches @Deryck :clap:

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@Ian_R thanks
@Jaime thank you :blush: