Mermaids usually live around 300m beyond the water surface, in the mesopelagic zone, and today can be found near the Kuril Trench and Melanesian Basin. It has been proven that recent water pollution affects their chromosome 13. The results are severe tail deformation which leads to difficulty in swimming, brain malfunction, and early death due to blood clots.
It is approximated that this species will be extinct in approximately 30 years.

Inspired by Steven Zapata, Roberto Ferri and Romain Pommier.


ZBrush Screenshots:



Fantastic work! Loved the story next to it.
Through the years there many stories bound to mermaids, where they saved people and also were creatures that did eat people like in villages near the river in South America. We see here in the Netherlands lots of city shields on buildings with the mermaid inside.

Really like how you created these details @Lazarisailovic (and the story :)) :muscle: