Mermaid Grotto

ZBrush 2.5D.

Happy splashing,


This is a terrific piece!

I think you would be very happy following the annual Bosch Parade and the combination paintings of Alexey Kondakov
The Bosch Parade is held on floating floats in S’Hertogenboch, Holland each year recreating scenes from Bosch’s paintings. Their hilarious instagram album for the 2019 parade is here
If you are still in need of further eccentricities , I heartily suggest

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Methinks the world needs a Boozy Floozie Parade ! :wink:

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Fabulous work Mr. Boozy!! …don’t think many folks know/remember what can be achieved in ZBrush’s 2.5D mode :wink: Thank you for sharing.

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Thanks sclptrjoel for the kind comment and links of eccentricities
Thank you McPeachy for your novel suggestion.
Thank you Jaime when I work in 2.5D I find myself in a happy place - it still fascinates and amazes me with regard it’s visual possibilities .

Best wishes all,