Mermaid and her prince <3

Hi great people!
This piece was inspired by many great artists but mostly with Italian painter Roberto Ferri . Love his work!
i found huge inspiration here so here i am with another piece…
This is a story about a guy who quit everything (we believe its usual and normal) and decided to fully dedicate his life to a mermaid and live under the water <3
instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ana_sculpts/
artstation: https://www.artstation.com/bogdanovicana


Wow, great sculpt :heart_eyes::ok_hand:

Very nice :+1:

Great Sculpt,

Thanks for sharing =)


beautiful :slight_smile:

Amazingly beautiful work! :+1:

Thank you people!! This means a lot guys! <3
thank you Magdalena I am big fan of your work!

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Really great… Congratulations

This is wonderful! Utterly in love with the movement of this! Bravo!

Just lovely. I particularly like the bronze material. :+1:

Thank you guys a lot! I really appreciate!!
this support means a lot to me <3

Beautiful work! :slight_smile:

Beautiful work : )

Thank you <3

I love this! I aim to be just as talented :slight_smile:

I am sure you already are Niko ! just keep going : )

Beautifully done! :mermaid:

wow. its beautiful. how did you render it? will you send it cast in real bronze?

Thank you guys!! <3
It is rendered in Substance Painter, iRay render : )
Hey thats cool idea, maybe i will print it out one day :smiley:

Absolutely beautiful!