Mergol - the Beast

Hi guys, have been participating in Allegorithmic’s The Beast - game art contest.
Let me present to You “Mergol - The Beast”.
This is my version of contest’s theme - beast with inner beauty. The trick was to show him, his true good nature, without other character(the Beauty).
As it was game art contest so triangle limitations was to 100k for final char model and 5k tris for pedestal. No displacement maps, no fur afterFX and no render post tweaks in Photoshop or any other app. Render engine was also a tool of choice. Also there was texture quantity and size limitations and generic background was okay.
All sculpting done in Zbrush, retopo/rig/posing in Maya, textures - Photoshop and nDo, render - VRay.

I hope You like it.:slight_smile:




Some WIP character design shots of body in Zbrush. Fur was made with Fiber mesh and optimised in Maya. Long hair and eyes was made in Maya. Sculpt details on teeth and claws was added via nDo normal map texture.