Chapter “Memories” is a short background to my previous work.

If I depicted “Thoughts” through the chaotic flow of sea creatures, in chapter “Memories” I refer to the famous circus trick when a person needs to get out of a closed chamber with water in a single breath. Along with something bright, there is always something hiding in our memories that limits us, cuts off oxygen, and pulls us to a deep bottom. In order to loosen the tight chains and get out, the magician exhales deeply, thereby consciously getting rid of what obviously supposed to keep him alive. This is a risk, but only by diving headlong into essence, only then thoughts are born that can show you the path to the liberations key.

In addition I`ve made a short Zbrush TimeLapse video of the modeling process. I really hope you enjoy itsmiley

.-------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- --------.

By the way, thanks to everyone who supports my native country Ukraine in this difficult time. Sincerely hope that after being freed from the real chains, the affected people will have enough strength to clear themselves of their inner ones.


WoW! This is powerful! Great piece!
Thank you for sharing


Thanks a lot!

LOVE this piece Maksym! and the story behind your inspiration :slight_smile: Nice to see the process, this reads very well, thank you for for sharing :muscle:


Thank you very much, Jaime, for your support! :blush:

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Incredible and Mind-Blowing work @Haydar !!!

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Gorgeous piece ! Art in times of great peril as a means of survival ?
Go Ukraine ! :v:

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Thanks a lot!!

Heyy, thanks, mate!! Yeah, creativity is a great way to preserve
mental balance :slight_smile:

Very true. I am looking forward to your next artwork !

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Wow! What a powerful piece. Thank you for sharing.

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Thanks a lot, Paul!

I’ve meant to say, for such a long time, how extraordinarily beautiful this piece this is.

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Thumbs up! Your artistic vibes are contagious.

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thanks a lot!!!