Melted Popsicle art toy

random person: hey Carlos, Do you want to try to make an art toy using a 3d printer?

me: no… not really, not interested

also me, 2 weeks later…

From a simple sketch on a napkin to a 3d model, 3d print, cure it, sand it, spray paint it and, so many other steps… This is a really cool journey I have to admit. The purple/blue color photo is because I use UV light and fluorescent spray paint

More on the next few days

peace, love and mojitos !

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This is a cool looking project! Looking forward to the painted version

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thanks Michael,
the first photo is the actually painted version… is not a 3d render using Keyshot or anything like that… that’s the final version. I did use spray paint, posca markers and varnish for finishing

Yes! Welcome to the 3D printing world!!
Loving the design and colors too!

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Thank you!! This is a new world, to be honest, and I’m loving it! more stuff to come soon