Meletis' Sketchbook! (nudity) Feedback Needed!!!

I’m starting this thread cause i want to get as much feedback as possible to help me improve my skills and my models!

All sculpts are stil WIPs so, please criticize at whatever you feel need to be tweaked and how you think i should go about it! Thank you! [![Thumb01.jpg|110x60](upload://gXBxMnkpk7GRxebnP7PPVMMNnxR.jpeg)]![FF6.jpg|900x689](upload://oOUBxA6lPrBoiU1EXz3NSYdbhvQ.jpeg)















The Alien is very, very good. Love that you kept it subtle, yet integrally creative. Love the legs!

Hey Meletis its Shotgun Scream! Keep posting. Welcome to the forums!

Thanks you very much Eric, glad you liked it! :smiley:

Hey Shotgun, thanks for welcoming me back! I haven’t posted anything here in 2 years! It sucks i know but i wanted to have something more presentable to show! hehe

I like the last one, both the troll and the woman :+1:
One critique would be her buttocks looking too tense, if I were you I would smooth it out along the sides.
I have’nt seen it in 3D but from the image to judge, but I made a quick paint overto show you what I’m talking about:

Hey Santis thank u for your feedback ill definitely fix the butt cause i want o widen it a bit too!

Here’s an update working on the shaders in maya and doin some lighting tests.

I cant get my specular maps to work on my sss material and also my normal maps give a crazy result…

i assigned the wrong material on half of the eyelashes as u see… hehe oh well :smiley:




Nice renders. I think her mouth could be wider. Usually the corners of the mouth reach the center of each eye. I would also work on the arm pit a bit more.

It makes me sad to see that this thread has 2000 views and hardly any comments… Without constructive criticism i wont be able to get better…
Please dont be shy to tell me what you think of my work and help me improve! :smiley:

Heres an update on the frazetta project.




hey youre doing great. dont worry to much about comments. sometimes people are kinda quiet on the community. i think a lot of people look and like wht they see but just arent vocal about it. it would be nice if people were a litle more vocal but in any case pay no mind to it. just keep working hard pushing yourself as best you can. and like i said your work is looking good. keep it up. cheers :smiley:

Yeah I stopped worrying about comments. I see stuff I like and don’t comment. So I can see why there aren’t a lot going around. Plus don’t judge your work from the amount of attention you get in forums. You will just lose your way as an artist. Judge it by your own eyes and ambition.

I think the girls face could have a few more drastic angels. It seems a bit too soft for someone that can command that type of beast. Or at least work on her expression. Cause it seems a little too calm. Match the facial expression to the hand expressions. Don’t be afraid to push the pixels. Save a Morph Target, try something out and switch back and forth to see if you like it. If not, then delete the Morph Target and try again. And again and again.

This is a huge moment that you are portraying here. She is raising a monster from a swamp. There’s a reason why she is doing this. Is she evil? Is she good? And don’t worry about getting every thing matched up with the painting. You have to translate it and sometimes the proportions are off from canvas to tablet. Might want to look at the anatomy of the shoulders. The textures and hand expressions are my favorite part of this. I always have trouble with hands. The textures are looking good. I would add mud to the bottom of her calves. Keep up the good work.

Really enjoying your Frazetta study…:slight_smile: It’s coming out great…:+1:
I wonder how the female would look if she were stepping into that pose…with one leg coming forward with her weight shifted to that forward moving leg…might give a forward thrust action that creates motion in her pose that leads into the big figure.
Maybe even have her upthrust arm shooting straight forward at a steep angle aiming at the big figure…Would give a dramatic/dynamic forshortening effect in here gesture and pose…Taking her out of that static stilled pose into a more dramatic action with a forward thrust in her gesture that leads into that big figure might really enhance the drama of the piece…Just a couple of thoughts that may or may not be useful to you…just entered my mind while viewing your study, and I thought them worth mentioning…:slight_smile:
Anyway, keep going…like I said…it’s coming out GREAT…:+1:

Looks great. Lots of detail on the undead piece.

I think her face can use a little more expression. She kind of looks like she could be reading a book.

hey man I thought I would mess around in photoshop for a second. unsharp mask > lighting render effect > lasso selected hue and saturation > selected Gaussian blur.


Thanks for the replies guys and sorry if i was misunderstood, im not a comment junkie and i dont care about knowing if my work is good or bad.
What i care about is specific feedback that will help me improve my sculpts and art. So thank you again for taking the time to help me step it up! :+1:

loki_22: thanks for your kind words! dont worrt Im one of those people that never give up :smiley:

DAnconia: Cheers man this is the type of feedback i need :slight_smile: Yeah i definitely need to push that expression on the face but ive been scared to do it… hehe its so easy for it to go wrong and its driving me crazy but im on it now!! Next update she ll be super strong-aggressive-adventurous :smiley:
You are also right about her shoulder with all the smothing ive been doin she lost the volume and i didnt even notice it :stuck_out_tongue:
Good point on the mud too! You re full of good ideas man thanks!

SpiritDreamer: Wow thanks thats some great advise! ive been stuck on the reference and didnt even think about going the extra mile and adding a more dynamic feel… Love the whole stepping forward approach! Definitely doing it! Thanks again!!

Killahpriest:Thanks, after the frazetta im going to work on teturing and rendering him!
hahaha yeah she kinda does i guess! Working on the expression right away!!!

Skullbeast: Thanks to you too for taking the time to do this mate! I did think about doing something more dramatic but it seems that all my detail ive worked hard on just vanishes and it kinda gets watered down in photoshop which i wasnt happy about. If only i knew how to do more effects in maya i think it would preserve much of what i dont wanna lose…

One more thing before i sign off!
Does anyone have any ideas of how i could approach water dripping from the ogre and the snakes tail to make it look like their actually interacting with the swamp??? i want the ogre especially to look like his coming up instead of just standing there holding a couple of trees, and i have no idea how to go about it!..

Cheers all!

Heres an update on the expression and pose! any suggestions feel free to let me know! :wink:





hey Meletis , this is hemlok on the cgchannel forum.
i like the direction your going with the face, an expression adds alot to the story

Much better. Make sure that the corners of the mouth reach the center of each eye and pull the sides of the mouth back as well.

Very nice work overall, but I really like your take on the Frazetta piece. :+1:
In the last full body image her hips look weird, but I cant really tell what it is without a front/quarter/side/back angle look, ideally in a relaxed stance.


Hi Meletis…:slight_smile:
For the female…and this is only a suggestion and the way that I see her in my vision, so take it for just that, just anothers vision of what might be…:slight_smile:
I was thinking of more like a forward lung…with sets of strong diaginals in the females pose/gesture for action and motion in her gesture…kind of like a sword fighter or a fencing sword fighter forward thrust…where they say tu shay got you…:smiley:
If you get into that kind of gesture/pose, you’ll see that the leg under the outstectched arm with the spell binding hand will be coming forward and bent at the knee, and the other leg will be outstreched back and straight creating a forward leaning into the big figure dynamic action and gesture with motion kind of like …/…gesture/pose,… where the weight of the figure will be on the forward bent at the knee thrust forward leg which is alligned under and ballanced with the forward thrust spell binding hand and arm gesture with her finger acting like the fencing sword aiming straight for the big guys face…Stepping into the action…
I like what your doing with the face…much more dramatic…:+1:

Hey everyone!

I have been having a hard time with the expression but i think i’ m slowly getting there!
I’ m also not happy with the trees and general environment so i’ m gonna be working on some eerie tree designs in zbrush soon to add all around.
Im also going to do a more detailed and realistic snake so it can hold up the close-up shots.
Also working an a Matte Painting for the background but that will take a while since i don’t have any experience with the matter! :stuck_out_tongue:
More realistic hair for the ogre and some fur are on the way too.

Still can’t figure out how to do dripping water on the ogre. Any ideas please let me know!

ineversleep: Hey Hemlok, thanks a lot! Congrats on your win at the challenge man, real nice sculpt you had there!

: Cheers man, i think i fixed it. It did look weird before thanks for pointing that out!

highlander_72: Thanks :slight_smile: You’ re right about the hips, when i posed they got out of hand a bit! I think i corrected the matter now!

SpiritDreamer: Hey spirit, if this is what your picturing (image) then im not so keen on such an exaggerated pose. If not can you please find an image on the web that represents your vision so i can understand more what you’ re thinking. :smiley: Thanks!