Melaamory sketchbook

Recently i decided to learn zbrush properly, that’s why i want to start this sketchbook. I used it before, but just basics.
This is first work here, bracelet in art nouveau style. Awaiting your advice and comments!




beautiful piece, have you thought of sharing your process?


This is some superb work!

Fantastic work. Keep the posts coming.

Very cool! Did you extract the mesh from a cylinder or build it flat and bend it around? Very cool!

yeah it looks incredible , a workflow would be nice.

Some new works. First shape was made with z-sketch.




Learning how sculpt humans.

man this looks great,what a beautiful render.just love it.:+1::wink:

thank you!

That render looks really nice, very painterly! I like the pose. Her shoulder has a lump that probably shouldn’t be there that’s really visible in the wip, but in the render it looks kinda like muscle definition.

Amazing subtle detail… superb!!

Your rendering really brings your sculpts to life. Love the painterly quality of the final image.

Would love to see a breakdown of your render/painting techniques.

Fantastic job!

love the render too, and I really dig the bracelet

Beautiful work! The composition, expression, pose - very nice!

BUt, while you said you are learning (and me too), I have some thoughts about teh shoulder area
-the clavicel isn’t straight, it is elongated ‘s’ shape;
-at your sculpt the insertion of the pectoralis and origin of deltoid doesn’t look right.

This may help:

Nice, expressive model. Fine work on capturing the likeness from the digital painting. What is your method for sculpting hair, do you use a certain alpha with the lazy mouse, and a certain technique?

nebular, thank you for link, it will be really helpful in future!
TibiNeag, yes, i kinda don`t like the clean way of rendered picture, so tried to do it some artistic way. Hair was made by Zsketch, standart brushes and noise plugin

Got it, thanks for the reply. Zsketch is often the way to go.

Beautiful sculptures, your human sculpt has a very lovely artistic flowing feel to it, even if some may nitpick about anatomic details I think You have captured the female figure in a spectacular way :slight_smile: