Mega Man X

X version time!
After Zero I thought it would be cool to have a Megaman X redesign too. Followed the same style as before. Just added some minors more details on the armor. The workflow is also the same. I did a small breakdown with some tips that I hope should help with the process.



Awesome! Great work my friend!

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Wooow, she looks amazing:fist::heart_eyes::fist:

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Is looking nice!

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Great take on your Megaman X, looks awesome and thanks for sharing your tips :wink:

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Thanks a lot Jaime!!

This looks sick. Nice work!

thx man!!


valeu stefan!!

Very nice.

Hi! I love this and would like to talk to you about using it in a project I am doing. I can pay:) Please give me a buzz at nick@gamegen.com , We are making a tool to teach Unreal, Unity etc. and it is called Teacher Bot. Would love your mega man to be on loading screen!