Medusa On Her Throne

Hello ZBC, here’s my latest work that I’ve done for a Video Game, I was told to do a 3D illustration of Medusa sitting on Her throne. I Decided to create her throne from her enemies who were turned into stones. later i decided to put a guy next to her playing music with his eyes shut.

Softwares used: Zbrush, Marvelous Designer, Keyshot, Photoshop










Here I’ll Share my Workflow and things that i’ve done during the creation of this illustration


The Medusa:

Keyshot Render:

Unfortunately Keyshot is not great for 3d Illustrations, but due to lack of time i had to send it to keyshot and get it done by the exact time.

Very artistic… Beautiful work! Total number o f polys?

Thank You GabrielMartins, Actually due to lack of time i couldn’t do the Retopoloy and stuff so i had to to use the Zbrush to Keyshot Bridge to send my scene to keyshot. but the whole scene is around 20mp :smiley:

great work deserves more space here in zbrushcentral

Amazing artwork Reza jan.Wish you continued success buddy.;):wink:

@Jhon_Erik; Thanks buddy, appreciate your kind words. Cheers

@Diablo; Thanks man, Wish u luck & success too!

Fantastic, impressive work. Looking forward to see more.

Many thanks for sharing workflow tips as well. The HairBrush looks very useful. Does anyone know where to find it? I couldn’t find it with a Google search, but I guess I’m not a skilled Google search ninja.

@MetinSeven; Thanks for your kind words mate. here’s the link to the Brush, unfortunately I can’t remember who made the brush, I’ll be happy if he show up :smiley: anyways all the credits goes for the man who made this amazing brush!

here’s the link to the brush: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wf1b5xm0dhqn0nv/hair1.ZBP?dl=0

Hey, cool, thanks a lot for sharing the brush, Reza, much appreciated!

Very cool project :+1:

I really prefer the untextured white version.
To my eye, it looks much better than the textured version.

@MetinSeven; Cheers pal

@Thor; Thank You so much! Yeah I Agree, unfortunately due to lack of time, I couldn’t put more time on the Texturing part to create Maps (Diffuse,Normals,Spec, Etc.) so it’s just polypaint, But Thanks for the critics

Very cool project with great results!
I have to agree with some others here, the AO version looks amazing.