Medieval Back and Forth 3D concept

Challenges are… challenging.
It’s a good opportunity to create something, learn new techniques and meet new artists.
Even though you don’t have as much direct interaction with the other participants, you end up observing their work and process more closely. And often by artists who are not always in your visual field.
A theme is proposed and the participants have to develop from that point.
All together developing the same theme, this in itself is already very interesting, especially in times when artificial intelligence is on the rise.
The idea is not to be the fastest or cheapest, the challenge is much more connected to the process, learning and development.
Artists of all levels participate, beginners and experienced, and both learn a lot in the process.
Artists from different cultures generate a plethora of amazing ideas and concepts. We come across concepts that are familiar, but also others that are totally new.
And the magic of the challenge is that it has a time limit to happen. But of course, otherwise no image would ever be finished, it would never be good enough to be called final.
Forcing yourself to move forward aiming at the whole instead of the detail can be quite difficult. Time is short, so decision-making has to be faster, an exercise in detachment. Creative solutions often flourish in those situations where you don’t have time.
You simply have to move forward.
This was my entry for the Artsation Medieval Back and Forth challenge in the Character Design category where the idea was to develop 8 original characters within the theme.


I had the pleasure of once again being a beta tester for ZBrush 2023 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
ZBrush is an extremely powerful tool and every year it receives great updates.
In this latest version my new favorite feature is ProxyPose.
With this tool you can easily pose your models, even if they have millions of polygons, which was the case with these concepts I created, all of them were posed using ProxyPose.

Thanks to the team for calling me to test these amazing tools first hand.
And congratulations for making this amazing tool even better. :clinking_glasses:


thanks for posting Deryck! :slight_smile: <3

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It’s my pleasure :blush:

Love the explorer on the Vespa - great touch of humor :+1:

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Thank you @boozy_floozie, glad you liked :blush:

Incredible bro :clap:

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Incredible set of characters :clap: :clap: :clap:

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@Luan_Vieira thank you my friend!
Hi @Jaime, thank you very much, I love creating characters and testing new techniques with ZBrush. Every day I feel more comfortable to create. :blush:

Standing ovation! Your art deserves all the applause.