This week’s sketch.
Obviously not a bird, nor a plane and definitely not wearing a red cape…
Include link to the session at the end of post

SpatuleFutur MMSK 01
SpatuleFutur MMSK 02
SpatuleFutur MMSK 03
SpatuleFutur MMSK 05

The session :


I’m enjoying these sculpting with ZBrushCore timelapses you keep creating :wink:

Thanks @Jaime ! I will make some videos with more “complete/complex” process very soon, but i really like doing these, so they’ll keep coming !

Nice work flow, I have a similar work flow. Sometimes less is more; many Zbrush artist easily fall into beast mode with extreme unnecessary detailing when working on projects. :+1:

Thank you @SketchWithJess , i also had this detailing frenzy and It’s hard not to have it at first.