Mech Soldier.

Tonos_Variation.jpgPreview 1.jpgPreview 2.jpgZbrush And Photoshop.jpgPreview.jpgWip 1.jpgHi guys, this was a very fun project for me.The nanosuit was made with some badking brushes.
I know I have to improve a couple of things and I hope I can bring some improved results in the future.



Preview 2.jpg

Zbrush And Photoshop.jpg


Dang! That is cool. Next time I would work on the pose more however. The mech does not look natural holding that firearm at all (shooting, reloading, or otherwise) Reference of this would be easy to find.

If you’re right, arm posture is a rare thing, but I hope to improve it in the future. Thanks for your comment, regards.:D:D