Mech Practice

This is by far the hardest model i did , hard surface topic is one of my biggest fear aside from sculpting a face, After watching Zbrush summit talk by keos mason ( cedric and marco ), i decided to give it a try by using their technique / approach on hardsurface which they treated everything as a organic form and from there cleaning up and building out a proper hard surface model, and the cool thing is everything is done in zbrush! the texture and render was all done in Keyshot.
Btw, this concept were done by Hunter Schulz


Good work on your model, and yes, learning from Cedric and Marco will help you get the job done ;). In the ZBrushMaster series videos on our YouTube channel, you’ll find a new updated video of Marco…kind of a follow up from his ZBrush Summit presentation, check it out :wink:

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Thanks Jaime, i will check it out! :grin: