Mech Model

Here is a mech model inspired by the concept art of Billy Numez. Modelling, texturing and rendering all done in Zbrush


Welcome back. Great job. Are you going to pose it as well? Was it all ZModeler?

Nice mech! My favorite part is painting them and grunge-ing them all up after modeling.

Thanks, I didn’t pose this model since it was a bit too high poly and my technique needs to get a bit better at keeping things low poly to be able to pose, so I will definitely be doing that on the next character type model I make. And yes, it was mostly all zmodeler that I used.

Yes, I used materials from zbrush to texture it, I’m working on using Zbrush exclusively for everything, which I know is a no-no, but I want to show people that it is capable and that I might be able to do full environment scenes if I can keep the poly count low enough. Been working on some techniques to achieve that.

It’s not a no-no! :grinning: There are pieces of staggering quality, hard surface and otherwise, posted all the time on ZBC that were created entirely within Zbrush!

Awesome!! I just did a quick test on a sphere model and i can easily keep my high poly sculpt details and spotlight texturing by decimating the model. Didn’t think it would hold all the details, but using this technique I’m working on a bigger environment scene next. I’m curious to see how many assets I can fit in to it!!