mech assasin

Hello everyone, this is my first time posting here.
This is my latest work I did in my space time in college. The design started out as a dynamesh doodle, somehow I kinda really get into shapes and details. I even go to maya and model some of the shapes detail. The sculpt is not 100% polish, but it was a good practise.
I’d love some feedback and critics on this one :wink:


final render.jpg

I love that this started off as a DynaMesh doodle! Very nice work - Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

Very cool piece. Would it be possible to see more images of the piece? From different angles? Back and the side.

Welcome and great first post! I really dig the design! :+1:

Nice work! I particularly like the variations in gray colors you used.

Christ this looks good!

Loving the design of this and the gunslinger esque pose hes doing