Mayari, The Moon Goddess

Mayari, The Moon Goddess

Ever wonder why the moon shines dimmer than the sun? NO, it’s not because the sun is a huge ball of burning gas while the moon is just a rock.
Get your science out of here!!

It was originally believed that
moonlight is dimmer than the sun simply because the goddess who watches the night sky is blind in one eye.

Bathala, the creator, was basically weakening and preparing for retirement, leaving his two children, Mayari and Apolaki, in charge. The question was: who would rule?

So, like any sibling rivalry (I can’t relate :sweat_smile:), they battled it out. The two were equal in strength and ferocity. However, Apolaki managed to land a blow onto Mayari’s face with his club. This blinded Mayari.

Since they are, after all, siblings, deep down they love each other. Seeing how he actually hurt his sister, Apolaki apologized and suggested they stop fighting. Although, in my honest opinion, Apolaki just got scared when things got serious. I can hear him saying: “oh shit, I’m sorry! Don’t tell dad!” So they stopped fighting.

Obviously, both of them still wanted to rule. After making up, the two decided they would just split the reign into two shifts equally.

Since Apolaki still has both of his eyes, when it’s his turn to sit on the throne, the light that shines upon the world is brighter and warmer. That said, when it’s Mayari’s turn, the light is much more dimmer and cooler. That’s why day and night are different. Now, you know. :grin: