Maya blendshape layers on lowest subdivs?


Is it at all possible to create blendshape layers using the lowest subdivisions instead of the highest? I was also wondering if its possible to create blendshapes when i tpose maybe so that i can make blendshapes in multiple subtools at once?

thanks for your help

Hello @nickholl ,

3D Layers must be created at the highest level of subdivision.

It is possible to store a pose from Transpose Master to multiple subtools at once. Simply make sure each target subtool has an active Layer in recording mode. Then go through the TPose process. When you transfer the changes back those changes will be stored as layer information for every subtool with a recording Layer. Exit Recording mode for each subtool and then toggle the visibility icon to see the Layer effects.


thanks - the main reason I ask is that it would be preferable to be in the lowest level when making large changes to a pose (and being able to easily smooth out any transitions. Would you have any tips on how to do things like this in the highest subdiv? Im using highly smoothed masks which I guess helps to some degree