May Sketch a Day Sculptures

Here is a collection of Quick Sculptures and renders I did for the May Sketch a Day Challenge. Some were sculpts made from scratch in two days, others were old abandoned models I tweaked, textured and rendered, and others were very polished anatomy sculpts and scan cleanups I did for clients and slapped with a customized clay material with some displacement maps. I ended up tweaking a lot the specular on those because I wanted more contrast on the final renders.

Vey fun and challenging thing to do to keep the creative juice flowing during quarentine.

Hope you guys like it.

You can see more of my work on artstation:


clay_30 97994460_3537346779625284_286978036702642176_n 98071107_3537346636291965_5205165930828529664_n 98731901_3537346736291955_459637298254839808_n 99127100_3537346686291960_9064707501034831872_n ![clay_43|1200x771] (upload://rmUTPLRdu11KRsSKcvLgATHpluG.jpeg)

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