Material Baker for Zbrush 4?

A while back there was a useful plugin called Material Baker (up to v2 last time I checked) that obviously let you bake in your material to a diffuse map. This was awesome when exporting to 3ds max etc.

The old version doesn’t seem to work well in Zbrush 4R3, so I was wondering if there has been an update? Couldn’t seem to find it on my own.
Or does Zbrush 4R3 contain some features I havn’t heard about that might enable this by built in means?

Much obliged!

Also looking for an update mayby it is only needs to be recompilde to Z4R3

You can try this, it’s an older ‘trick’, but it may be what you are looking for:

Create a displacement map
use Morph UV to flatten the mesh
Assign desired matcap
Export the image and assign it to the texture channel.

With this method you get something like this:

I’ve been looking for an alternate method of getting matcaps onto textures. I forgot about this method. Thanks.