? Matcap Baking with Photoshop Zapplink Automate

Hello there! :smiley: My name is Mauro, I am a 3D modeler and I am looking for someone who can help me to make Macro, Zscript or Something to automate the process of Baking Matcaps using the Zapplink with Photoshop. Down here I will leave all the process that needs to be automated.

First, I need to set all the views of the Model (Front, Back, Right, etc) trying to occupy most of the document space, this needs to be done manually once.

Second, I need to press the “Zapplink” Button in the document tab.

Third, In photoshop I need to run an Action that merges all the layers in pairs (top Zshading with top, bot Zshading with bot, etc), and finally, it saves the document.

Four, I need to come back to Zbrush and press “Re-enter to accept edits anyway?”, then I need to press “Accept” a lot of times.

Five, I need to change to the next subtool and do the same thing, but in the third step, I need to press “Update” button in photoshop, so it replaces the last layers from the previous subtool with the new ones and runs the Script to merge the layers.