Master Fett

Master Fett

Done for the CG+ star wars re-imagined contest, my idea was to give Bobba a master chief makeover, sculpted in zbrush, rendered in Keyshot post done in photoshop



Great work on your piece!

Do you think you could share more info in your thread about your ZBrush techniques, as well as showing some ZBrush screen shots? We love to see works like yours with lots of meaningful detail but we also really need to know about your use of ZBrush. That’s the kind of extra that can move a thread from great to potential Top Row. :wink:


iv been asked both here and else where to provide a breakdown on how this image was created, so here it is. Unfortuanatly due to the fact i deleted all my progress files to save space once it was finished, its only a breakdown of the general techniques used to create it.


Great work man! awesome hard surfacing :sunglasses:small_orange_diamond:+1:

cheers Rodrido :smiley:

ps you too :smiley:


Amazing job. Thank you for sharing some of the breakdowns.

so detailed! awesome job, thanks for sharing the breakdown

Great work! And many thanks for the breakdown.

So annoyed that I missed this contest - how did you find out about it? i’ve been looking for something to enter since the back end of last year and didn’t see this at all. It would have been right up my street.

Looks amazing! Thanks for the breakdown