Masking with Decimation Master?

I’m trying to decimate my model while trying to retain details on the face w masking. When I hit decimate- it ignores the masked area and decimates the entire model.
Not sure why that’s happening?

Hello @ChrisGene

Masking a section of mesh for use with Decimation Master does not prevent the topology from changing. It simply ensures greater density in that area for preserving detail.

Additionally, if masking is added after the mesh has been pre-processed, it must be pre-processed again in order to factor in the masking.

See the Masking section of the Decimation Master documentation.


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Thanks, Yeah I needed to preprocess with the mask applied

Probably i found how to “fix it”.
Basically when i try to decimate a mesh but on the screen i have only a portion of it visible it gives me the same issue that you have, contrariwise if the object is entirely visible on the viewport everything goes good without any issue.

Let me know if it helped also you