Masking using Smoothness and PeaksAndValley

Since updating to 2021.1.1, I am unable to mask by smoothness and peaks and valley. No matter the tweaking off inputs. It either masks the whole tool or with banding.
I have tried it on 2020 tools and it worked, I have then tried the same tools in 2021 with the same input settings and it masks everything.

This is a very useful way in my workflow and I would appriciate any help, be it troubleshooting, tips or explanation.

Hello @nemitz

Here is the result of my testing into your issue. I used the same model, at the same level of subdivision, in both zb 2020 and zb 2021 at the default settings. The default settings have not changed as far as I can determine:


I can’t detect any difference in the results of Mask by Peaks and Valleys.

There is a discernible difference in the results of Mask by Smoothness.

This could be a bug. If you would like it to receive technical attention it must be reported to Pixologic Support. Reporting issues of this nature on the community boards will not place your issue in the hands of the developers.

Good luck!

Thanks for your answer Spyndel. And your investigation, very simular results as I am getting with mask by smoothness.