Masking in Zbrush 2022

hi guys I was posing my character when a doubt came to me, is there a way to select a Polygroups with a mask and then add another polygroups to the previously created mask?

I’ll add a screenshot to the message to better explain what I mean:
In this case I selected the head of my creature masking the rest, if I wanted to unmask the body with the head how could I do?

Hello @Sky1 ,

Masking polygroups typically involves using a combination of the mesh visibility and masking shortcuts. Once you commit these to memory, you can create masks for any selection of polygroups very quickly.

So for instance you might Shift + Ctrl click the two target polygroups to hide them, Shift+ Ctrl drag and release in empty canvas space to invert the visibility making only those two polygroups visible, then Ctrl-click in empty canvas space to mask them. You can repeat this process at any time to add additional polygroups to your selection.

In the above link, see also the option for “Quick one touch masking of polygroups” while in Move mode.


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