Maschinen Krieger Sculpts and Concept

My Recent Sculpt on Pixologic zbrush and textured in Substance painter scene design on Unreal Engine turntable rendered on Marmoset toolbag 3 - took me almost 3 months on developing this concept and sculpt. learned a lot from this experience - Cheers to Nikolay Naydenov for his teachings!!! :slightly_smiling_face: learned a LOT from him

Crits are most welcome I’m still learning, this is my 2nd full character project but hopefully be good at it in the future. Video link on my youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOoUYSJbFtQ&t=3s




Very very good work! I love it! Just caught my attention in the menu…

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Thanks :slight_smile: means a lot, glad you liked it

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Honestly! Have a happy week!