Maschinen Krieger Pak Krote trubute

Tribute to the PaK. Kröte Panzer Aufklärungs T.W.47/P1,P2 from the SF3D Maschinen Krieger universe.

zBrush, Substance and Keyshot.

There’s a 4k version of the turntable here: zBrush Maschinen Krieger PaK. Kröte textured with Substance Painter - YouTube


Sweet mech! Nice job on the texture work too! :+1:

Excellent Krieger! Turned out great. Thanks for sharing,


Good one… nice texture detailing… loved it :+1:

Great mech! looks awesome Sam :slight_smile:

Great to see a good hard surface piece! Keep them coming

Great! Iooks like a model kit.

Thanks guys! <3

I printed it!

Scale is 1:16 - you can see the model next to him is the 1:20 injection moulded kit by Wave

Just a test fit held together with white-tac before post processing and cleanup. Lots of sanding and removal of support nubs ahead but i can’t wait to get some primer down and start painting.

That print looks great! Nice results with a lot of that smaller mechanical detail. :+1:

WoW! looks amazing Sam! Nice to see this kind of asset printed and it looks good, can’t wait to see your painted version :fist: