Marvel Weapon X _ 1/4 Statue for XM STUDIOS

Hi everyone!!! I want to share some pics of the statue that I recently did for XM STUDIOS. The piece will be printed and produce it in 1/4 scale full color hand painted.

I did the character and his assets, and my friend Alexis work on the base. I use it ZBrush for sculpt almost the whole piece and 3Ds Max too. I use ZBrush BPR for the procces renders and VRay for the final renders.

Critics and comments are always welcome. I really hope you like it guys!
And thanks a lot for your support always! =) Big hugs to this amazing community! =)


WEAPON X_Final_001.jpg

WEAPON X_Final_002.jpg

WEAPON X_Final_003.jpg

WEAPON X_Final_004.jpg

WEAPON X_Final_005.jpg

WEAPON X_Final_0003.jpg

WEAPON X_Final_0004.jpg

WEAPON X_Final_0005.jpg

WEAPON X_Final_0015.jpgWEAPON X_Final_0016.jpgWeapon X_WIP 08_011.jpgWeapon X_WIP 08_015.jpgWeapon X_WIP 10_001.jpgWeapon X_WIP 10_007.jpg

WEAPON X_Final_022.jpgWEAPON X_Final_023.jpgWEAPON X_Final_024.jpgWEAPON X_Final_025.jpgWEAPON X_Final_026.jpgWEAPON X_Final_027.jpgWeapon X_WIP 08_013.jpg

WEAPON X_Final_028.jpgWeapon X_001.jpgWeapon X_002.jpgWeapon X_003.jpgWeapon X_004.jpgWeapon X_005.jpgWeapon X_006.jpgWeapon X_007.jpgWeapon X_008.jpg

I LOVE this piece! I love all the anatomical nods that you paid tribute to that most people tend to ignore when modelling and/or texturing the anatomy.

This is an excellent piece of work!

I have nothing to criticise about this work. (Mind you, I am an artistic klutz so my opinion may not count)

If this isn’t top row then I’d be shocked.

Well Done!


Give this post the top row already!

I feel that this statue is alive. Bravo!

what a great sculpt to end the year with.


WOW! This is a masterpiece!

Bravo! :+1:

Thank you so much for your very kind comments my friends! and for your support =)

I dig it buddy :sunglasses: :+1:. Very nicely executed sculpting work .Anatomy looks really good too. Keep it going.



Thanks for your kind messages guys!

Here some closer pics of the helmet finished and the previously rough sketch desing =)

just wonderful man! did you do the helmet by hand so to speak, polish brushes and what not? If so that’s some badass polishing skills

Thanks a lot man! haha and no bro, I did the just the initial design sketch of the helmet and then when the clients approved it, I did all the retopology work in ZBrush =)

Excelente!! :+1:

Thanks a lot guys! =)

And here some pics of the legs details. I hope you like it. Big hugs!