Marvel Sentry_Figure for 3D Print

Hi everyone!

This time I want to show you a figure that I did for collectionist. The model is based on an artwork from the great artist Mike Deodato.

Sculpted and painted in ZBrush, and rendered on VRay for 3Ds Max. I painted without using textures trying to get a similar result like the real figures.

And because I received some questions about 3D Print Export tool, I make a simple tutorial showing how you can use it on a few steps.

Well mates, I always try to keep learning and make progress on my works, so C&C are very welcome. I really hope you like it! Big hugs!

Sentry_PAINTED_001_HIGH LOW.jpgSentry_PAINTED_002 LOW.jpgSide Views.jpgBack Views.jpgBase Views.jpgSteps for ZBrush 3D Print Exporter.jpg


Back Views.jpg

Base Views.jpg

Sentry_PAINTED_001_HIGH LOW.jpg

Sentry_PAINTED_002 LOW.jpg

Side Views.jpg

Steps for ZBrush 3D Print Exporter.jpg


more renders and test!





Nice piece of work! :+1:

Thanks a lot man!

I have no memory (not a pun) of him having a beard but this kicks much buttocks! Great work!

In one of artworks of Mike Deodato he has beard, I like it more with it!

Beautiful work man!!


Thanks a lot my friend!

Great work.:+1:

Yes, I like it! :+1:

Thank you so much guys! I´m really glad you like it!

Great Breakdown! Thank you so much! :+1:

Thanks to you man!!! I hope you find it useful. Regards!

Hi guys! finally I can see my Sentry sculpture, out of my monitor! I leave you some photos of the printed version, hope you like it guys! Big hugs!!! :smiley:
SENTRY PRINTED_Old face.jpgSENTRY PRINTED_Young face.jpg


SENTRY PRINTED_Young face.jpg


That look’s amazing, how did you end up having it made?

wow! that’s a huge print.
it looks great.


Wow! your work left me speechless. I was wondering where do you have your sculptures printed ? Keep up the good work very inspiring.

Great prints Daniel!

That’s a very fine print.
Any info on the printer and material?

Been looking for something like this.

Beautiful and great work :slight_smile:

nice work