Marvel Iron Spider Fan Art for 3D Print

Hey folks!
I sculpted this project focused on collectibles. This project I did during Alvaro Ribeiro’s incredible course.
I used Zbrush to sculpt the character and photoshop for the post production of the renders. He was sculpted to be a statue, he already has the cuts and keys for production.
Since I was little I always liked the Spider-Man, so I decided to sculpt the most current version of him that is present in the MCU.
I hope you like it.




Ciao…lavoro stupendo….vendi il progetto….mo piacerebbe realizzarlo…

I can not wait for the new movie!!! Awesome sculpt by the way :grin:

Hey! Great work! I was wondering if I could get the file for this as I want to 3D print and paint this model. It’s incredible, I would even pay you like 20 dollars for the file if need be! Email is [email protected] let me know please!

Great! I like spider man very much. This work is too realistic!business pages

How can I download this?