Marvel - Demolidor - Stylization - 3dprint #vinihirata

This is my first project that I partnered with illustrators #solidfrango and
#renato_otaga developing a Stylization version of Daredevil like Pixar style.

I made some costume sketches and sculpted in Zbrush,
Rendered in Blender. On my you can see part of the creative process
I avoided over-treatment in photoshop because
I want to show that this piece is ready to be printed and has some options already planned.


Great work


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Nice pose :wink:

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Cool version of Daredevil! I know you mentioned Pixar style, but it also reminds me of the Disney Infinity characters :+1:

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Thanks a lot my friend.

Thanks a lot Jaime. :smiley:

Yes looks Inifinity. :blush:
Thank you for your coment

Amazing job on this stylized Daredevil! I like the way you did the rim light

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Thanks a lot Kingsley. I did my best