Marvel, Colossus PF for Sideshow Collectibles

Hey guys! I wanna share with you some ZBrush wip renders and photos of the printed version of the Colossus PF that I did time ago. As always I´m open to suggestions, feedback or whatever help me to keep improving my artistic knowledge and sculpting skills.

I hope you like it! Thanks for your support my friends!!!

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Se que esto lo escuchas seguido, pero la verdad que impresionante!! Muchas gracias por compartir las imagenes!! La verdad que me dan unas ganas de seguir estudiando mas a fondo todavia, gran inspiracion hermano. Muchisimas gracias!!

Felicitaciones Daniel!

Abrazo gigante!


Another great piece @Daniel_Bel! Just out of curiousity, how much loss of detail or softening do you see or expect between your sculpt and the final printed piece? I know this is on sideshow’s part, but I am just curious how much you push details to make sure they stay in production. Thank!