Martin Luther King Jr

This is a respectfull representation of a great man who fought for equality and human rights !I
Sculpture and textures like displacement and normals are made in zbrush,
suit, shirt and tie sculpted in zBrush but texturized in Substance Painter
the render is Redshift in maya 4k renders in about 20 minutes in RTX 2070
I hope you guys stay safe and enjoy this portrait!

MARTIN LUTHER KING JR is my idol! Thank you for this wonderful job.

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I’m diggin the 2nd render. the most! Awesome job on sculpting MLK jr

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Just watched a documentary on the good doctor last night! I knew exactly who it was immediately even with the tasteful stylization! Great job!

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Very similar indeed. I admire your work.
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Thanks a lot !!Its realy cool when I see people enjoyin my work! I decide to do MARTIN LUTHER KING JR beacause he is my hero !

thansk a lot !! Kingsley I realy apreceate your comentary !!o/

Thanks a lot @ZMichael I try to improove my realism in baby steps ! I’m gald you like it!!