Marker tool comin sneak peek VIDEO included

NEW!! Marker tool comin sneak peek VIDEO included

note my main scene is 2 character and 1 sphere
the first button i click on the top left means im ready and my scene is loaded
the second button i click next to that will save all the data and postion.

from here on out you will be seeing me click the button on the bottom left
this is the UPDATE Button
my scene has 3 object i can actualy take 1 object off to the side
and edit it and then chose the update button and it will replace the object
in the main scene and replace it on the object i edited.

in the video i went a step further and made it a polymesh to show you
3 object all connected into 1
this isnt the purpose of the tool

the purpose of this tool is to save POSTION of each object.

if you use the multimaker with a bunch of object and deside to close zbrush
what are your options?
you can make it a polymesh but then your stuck and cant re edit each object
because there all stuck togeather.

with this tool
it will save all postions were you left off and wont never lose your work
if you shut down zbrush and re open all you have to do is click another button
to load your previous project
all your object postion will be in the same postion you put them in…

another advantage
if you notice like 3ds max on how they get really good detail from a 3d object
they dont do it all on 1 mesh
they do it in parts
sample would be a jet
you can make the wings then make the wheels then make the jet engine

you will get a much better look then to try and do it all on 1 mesh from the start.

marker2 tool coming soon.
see Link Below Expire in 7 Days


Here is a small zscript sample
Expire in 7 Days


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This sounds cool. Were can I download the tool?