Marcus Ng Sketchbook

Hi, this is my first post on ZBC.
Started out with Benedict Cumberbatch as a bust sculpt for an online competition.
I have updated it with first pass on textures.
would love to hear what you guys think ?





I think the sculpt look spot on! However the last image with your skin texture in place has made a unnatural shape around the mouth somewhere. It may be that you are in orthographic but I would look closely at the lower lip and chin, lower neck.

He has a squashy feel to those areas? is the best way I can think of describing it?

Fantastic sculpt though!

ethanb- yea I agree with you something is off, thanks for crit. I might have fixed it in the latest, but I haven’t posted it.

head sculpt I did last night, rendered within ZB.


I really like the lady in orange, looks very natural and realistic :slight_smile:

Santis-thank you.

here is a quick sculpt I did of prince Abubu/Ali from Aladdin. Apparently he has an under-bite.

Here is Aokiji Kuzan from One Piece.

awesome good job man
love all these one piece characters ive been seeing on here

Great one!:+1:

great stuff, aokiji is just a loveable character too. Big fan of one piece too.

(also like your sherlock model)

pabgo- thanks dude, yes I do agree the others are well done too.

Santis- Thank you.:slight_smile:

The Namek- thanks. yeh Aokiji has tons of personality.

I thought I’d share the work done on the face since we never see him up close.

Fred from Scooby Doo. Design by Mr Cheeks, aka Sean Galloway.