Marcus Mask>>Grp plugin OK in ZB3

Hi all ZB folks,
I tested Marcus’ plugin Mask>>Grp in zb3. It works great.
This is one of my favorites.
The plugin

  1. Colors marked areas of a tool (mesh object) automatically, if Pfill set over O to show the marked area.
  2. Turns the marked are into a group (one can hide it, edit it alone and so on).

Me, I put this plugin into ZData\ZPlugs and it found it in Zbrugin/Marcus tools Pallette.
Afterwards I shifted the knob therefrom closer to where I prefered, to be under hand.

Getting sort of happy. Thanks, dear Marcus.




Hello Anatom,

I’m glad you find it works OK. :slight_smile: I should point out though that you should install it to your ZStartup\ZPlugs folder, not the one in ZData. The ZData folder and its subfolders should not be modified in any way in case ZBrush becomes unstable. Simply move the file across and everything wwill work fine.


where is it?i can’t see it。

Here is the link: