Marcello Zibetti - Works


I’ll be posting some of my works here.

I’ve just finished the first piece of my portfolio. It’s an original concept I’ve made inspired by some of my favorite artists.






break piece. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to your next piece.

Thank you, mate! I’ll be posting my future works here. The next one is going to be made for Gilberto Magno’s cinematic workshop.
Thanks for your support!

Kael’thas fan art based on Blizzard Entertainment art. The project was made during Gilberto Magno’s workshop (cinematic characters).
That was the first time I used software like Substance Painter and V-ray. It was a great experience.

Really cool and inspiring stuff!

Thank you!

Hi guys.
I started this project during Rafael Souza’s “Inside” course. It was very challenging to make some things work, but it served as a great learning.
Hope you all like it. Yo-ho!