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Hi everyone. This is my first post on ZBrushcentral :slight_smile: Hope you guys like it. Sorry I have no way to do more 3D, as I always busy with another job, I will try to do something in my spare time. Thanks.

Absorbing man / Tribute to Marvel


There was an idea to remake the character of Marvel, and make him a victim of Chernobyl, which absorbed a lot of radiation, and thus turned into what you see in the picture. Wandering along the Pripyat, he collects the debris and other objects that he liked.

Higher Resolution:

4K View 1
4K View 2
4K View 3



Close ups:









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Now that’s an awesome sculpt. The level of detail is incredible. If this is your first entry on the forum that’s even better! - hope you get time to post lots more.

Top row.

Nice work. What material is that? Or is that an outside zbrush render?

When you have time please post more ;D

masterful sculpture… I like pose and muscle tension in this art. all accessories are great

Its a shame they cant put creatures like yours in agents of shield. Way better then the character from the last episode :slight_smile:

Welcome to ZBC! Great first post! Really excellent!

Absolutely love this. Can’t wait to see more from YOU!

WOW !!! You just blew my mind !!!

Really amazing !!! And your first post ?!?!?!?! Absolutely well deserved top row !!!
Your sculpt is just totally awesome !!! So much and so fine details, perfectly executed !!!
Tell us more about yourself. For how long do you sculpt ??? It’s not so common to see hobbyists make pieces of such very good professional quality.
What’s your job ??? Something artistic I assume ??? Concept art ??? Please tell !!!
(With such talent, if you tell me you are a plumber I’ll certainly suffer from a spontaneous combustion or a scanners like head explosion)

And it’s very creative too !!! I love the wooden log on his back, the casserole, the lamp and half broken battery, and all the garbage he wears.
The pose is very expressive too.

Can’t wait to see more of your works.

I went to check http://drawcrowd.com/maratars (that’s your works too right ?) and your other works are awesome too !!!

A warm welcome to you on zBrushCentral !!! Keep up the good work !!!

Cheers from belgium !!!

Both a terrific sculptor and painter. Now that’s impressive.

Hey Marat! i’ve been part of this cghub challenge, this model is still a rerefence, nice to see you here man.

brilliant! top row well deserved!!

Dude, you gotta share just a few of your 2D works here as well. :wink: Although this is a 3D forum but still those are really inspiring to look at. I’m sure a lot of others here would love seeing them.

Solid sculpt by the way!

Can I ask, how long this take?

Hahaha looking at him again I just noticed the MP3 player and the earphones jammed in his ear-hole !!! Brilliant !!!
You must give us his playlist !!!

You absolutely got to do more like this one. So he was for a cghub challenge ? Did you win ?


I wonder why There is such amount of talent in Russia and other Slavs countries. Every piece of your work deserves a top row

Heavy details man…love it:+1:

Very Awesome work.

Hi guys,

Oh wow, thanks so much for the Top row! :slight_smile:


@sergioliv - thanks man.

Q: What material is that? Or is that an outside zbrush render?
A: yes, i used Vray for rendering, i’ll post some wip below, check it.

@b2przemo thanks.

Q: Can I ask, how long this take?
A: for the contest was given 3 weeks, if i’m not mistaken

@KeuPon - haha, i appreciate your attention man, thanks. Here are the answers.

Q: What’s your job ??? Something artistic I assume ??? Concept art ??? Please tell !!!
A: yes, i’m illustrator and concept artist, my specialization is 2d/3d characters. But lately i’ve been working as 2d artist.

@madDog, @WebHead, @dopepope, @Francis Bezooyen, @Julien3d, @milivoj popovic, @SuperHer0, @dargelos @BrushanArekar, @farhadnojumi- thanks a lot guys!

Wanna share with you guys a wip of this work. Sorry for the video quality.

WIP video (base mesh and setup):

Mid poly /3ds max grabs:

High poly shots:


Lighting Ch:

Refl Ch:

other stuff see below....

Post fx:






Congratulations with Top Row, well deserved!!! I saw this amazing sculpt already some time ago in one of the Digital Art Masters books and then, like now, it completely blew me away. keep up the good work and I’m curious what your future work will be.