Maq3d Jewels Design

Hey everyone,

I’m a french jewels designer with a 3d printer.
It’s my first post in zbrush central.This work is a command of a pair of owl cufflinks.
I hope you like it


Yann Bajard

Contact me if you want to transforme your models in jewels.

Hey everyone,

I’m a french jewels designer with a 3d printer.
It’s my second post in zbrush central. Here are some examples of my works for my Customers jewelers.
I hope you like it


[attach=180580]MAQ3D ring mystik zb.jpg[/attach]
[attach=180584]MAQ3D skull.jpg[/attach]


MAQ3D ring mystik zb.jpg

MAQ3D skull.jpg


Amazing job man! But I have one question … how did you remove the geometry to get these holes on the first ring??

Really nice work! I have the same question, how did u remove geometry on first one in a way that it can be 3d printed (was it delHidden?)

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Very nice work on these models! For those who never heard of Mac3D, you can see his work in the 3D Print Exporter announcement thread.

All the other models, shoots and screenshots are welcome! :slight_smile:

Great work, I like what I see and have just been commissioned to do some jewelry myself… any chance of doing a tutorial… like how do you set your measurements?


extraction using the base mesh as the original

how do you print in jewelers wax?

Very very kool
hope to do the same thing someday