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Hi there, I have finished a project that I did started few years ago… at about 2007. I always wanted to make a good render with it but I have never been good on spending time on rendering, I get bored of it quite easily. Anyway now I have been playing with Keyshot and I have found it very good for what I want, good results and very quick and easy to tweak, so I don’t get frustrated and bored of the process.
I have re-worked some areas like the clothes and also I have added the facial hair.

You can see a higher resolution version here:

And the reference I did used:

Hope you guys like it:





Here the shaded version from ZBrush.

Hey man, nice work!
Could you please post some more infos about the rendering process you went through?


Thank Zullup.
The rendering process was very very simple, I have used one of the HDR images that Keyshot has (“hdri-locations_factory_4k.hdz”), I haven’t used/added any other lights. I have tweak a bit the scene parameters, bloom, DOF, etc…
About materials, I have started with the skin shader that Keyshot has, then I have plug my textures and tweak the parameters from the shader or adjusting the textures a bit. For the clothing I didn’t liked any of the shaders that Keyshot has by default so I have used one of them as a base then tweak it a lot until I had the result that I liked. For the clothing fibres, I have duplicated the cloth material where is attach to, then changed it to translucence and make it slightly brighter, and for the hair I have made a base material then I made few variations from it, lighter and darker grey…

Then in Photoshop, I have done the usual tweaks, bit of colours and contrast. Also I have duplicate the final layer apply a “High Pass” Filter and use it as “overlay” mode with 50% “opacity” so it gives some nice crisp details, but not too much.


This is another 2007~ old model that I would like to update and hopefully finish now. I thought would be good to log the progress in the forums.
This model was entirely made in 3ds Max (no sculpt at all) so I had to retopologize some of the parts using ZRemesher in order to get a nice and sculpting friendly mesh. I will probably redo some of the part anyway, like the cloths which I am not very happy with.
Also I have made some new set of uvs. It used to have uvs but each object was mapped in an entire UV sheet, which means that I would have potentially about 3 textures files for each object, it would make a lot more tedious the process. Since it is for rendering and I could use 4k or 8k resolution for the textures, I have decided to combine some of the objects in the same UV sheet and get down the number of texture files.

I have made some AO backing tests in 3ds Max in order to see how much I am suffering from texture detail and potentially reorder those group of objects. Right now there are 5 lightmap textures at 2048.


I also have made a quick render on Keyshot, just to make myself an idea of the camera angle, color materials, etc…

And ZBrush… why not? :slight_smile:

I have retopologized the head with ZRemesh and I also have been adding some face details, still WIP tho

Also I have recorder the history changes in ZBrush which you can see bellow.


Hope you like it :slight_smile:

Some hair test


Refined face details (still WIP) and hair render test. There are no textures at all just plain materials. Render in keyshot and some post-pro in photoshop


Hope you like it

Just finished the face details


great stuff man.love the skin details.:wink:

Thanks Diablo :slight_smile:

Here finishing off the shaders and textures, still few things to do but almost there.



nicely done.metal parts look amazing.:wink:

that last image look very well done, Cgatz

Just amazing work. Thanks for posting. Follow’d.

Thanks Diablo
Thanks mattj324
Thanks dopepope

Much appreciate :slight_smile:

That costume is just magnificent. Gorgeous work!

Awesome work on the clothing!! :+1:

Thanks jan19
Thanks paulhpaulino
Much appreciate :slight_smile:

Here is the final version of my Fan Art from Digic’s Mark of Chaos cinematic.

Textures are done in Photoshop and Quixel.
The final pictures are rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 2, Post-processing done in Photoshop.

You can see a higher resolution pictures on the link bellow:

Testing hair, done in Zbrush, rendered in Keyshot

Testing the skin shader in Keyshot, pretty early state