Manipulating Surface Noise

2 Questions here:

  1. How do I manipulate Surface Noise through a Zscript. Want to be able to set strength, mix basic noise, offset, the alpha to use, flip h, and set it to uv. Currently all I can get it to do is open the GUI and then the Zscript gets stuck. Here’s what I have so far.

[IPress,Texture:Texture Off]//3D Panel Generation Begins
[IPress,Tool:Make PolyMesh3D]
[ISet,NoiseMaker:Mix Basic Noise,0]
[ISet,NoiseMaker:Noise Curve:Offset,-0.01]

  1. With Decimation Master, how do I execute it with certain parameters, such as Pre Process with UV and Decimate to certain Polycount like 20K Poly all in a Zscript.

Thanks in Advance


Unfortunately it’s not possible to do either of those things. :frowning:

Some things, such as the Surface Noise settings, are beyond the reach of zscript. And Decimation Master is a plugin and only one zscript or plugin can be active at a time. This means the moment your script presses a DM button, control passes from your script to the plugin and doesn’t go back again.