Malebolgia - Spawn

Here is my latest project, Malebolgia the greatest demon from Spawn’s comic series. For this sculpt I’ve adapted the comic book style and modify the shapes to get and stilized art that evocates fidelity to the original character. As we know Malebolgia is know to be a planifier and strategiest character with great power, he always stay on his throne wating for the judgment, so for this desing I’ve created an organic throne based in comics that melt with his body on a single entity to represent the time across the ages at inferno.

For this diorama I created a classic scene where Malebolgia is judment Al Simmons at inferno, scene never seen before in a statue, so to get strenght and dinamism I focus the attention to his face, torso and hair movement to get a threat, violence and autority aura.

Designed and sculpted by Camilo Aldana


My sculpt without polypaint