Male buste

I got a bit of spare time at work to do personnal stuffs.
Here’s a random guy I worked on, rendered in Zbrush.

zbrush render.jpg


rueben med no text.jpg


looks good man needs a render really
can you tell me how did you do the fabric of the shirt?
did you sculpt it first adding wrinkels and such then you added the alpha for the fabric and used inflate for example?
if you can share your process would be great

perfect as always :+1:


I am speechless, this is just insanely amazing :smiley:

Please could you make a tutorial or something on how you went about doing some of it :wink:

Random guy my foot! That’s me!! (I wish!) God sculpting as always! :+1:

Amazing as usual Seb! I love the overall shape.:wink:

This is great, 5 stars. Deserves a break-down so we can see your workflow. I like the eyes in the render, how did you achieve that?

:+1: :+1:


A master digital artist on so many levels. Fantastic.

Here’s another render in max with Vray.
Im uploading my eye shader so you can play with it (zbrush version).

Omarpac, the fabcri is very simple: I apply a giant tilable fabric texture on the body. I make a layer, mask by intensity, and just paint on the masked model to reveal the fabic. I then ply with the layer intensity to adjust precisely the result.

rueben med.jpg

I’ve uploader my shader in the matcap repository:



nice Job!

nice work Seb,i think the skull area need more works,maybe it is my taste,as for Vray render i think you can change the scale in skin shader or lower prepass blur to looks less waxy,looking forward to see more great works man:+1:

thx for the suggestion, ill give it a shot, Im new to vray rendering…

Great Work Seb :slight_smile:

very cool!
it is perfect!