male anatomy study wip

this is my first male character, im starting off doing basic anatomy though, not really going for the roided out look but decent in shape middle aged man. Any crits are very much appreciated. Thanks.






good start
most everything is close enough.
I would shrink the hands and feet. I just learned today that the foot is about the same as your forearm in length. The back of your knees need definition.

The head needs more attention around the mouth. Imagine its being pulled around the teeth so look at the mouth at an upward angel and make sure your lips are a nice curve and not flat. the corners of the mouth tuck in. I think you can pull the whole face forward It looks a bit flat. Make adjustments like that at division level 1 or 2.

KEEP IT UP its not easy. i just did something like this yesterday =D
also try the anatomy link in my signature

hey thank you very much thats great advice i really appreciate it

another update