Male Anatomy Figure

Hello ZBC,

Here is something i’ve been working on for quite sometime now. I’ve started a Kickstarter campaign in the hopes of mass producing these as reference material. Check it out here: http://kck.st/13B3NtC cheers!




Seems like a great job !

Good luck with the campaign!

Might want to reconsider doing a kickstarter for just a standing male anatomy figure. There are already several available.
perhaps a dynamic pose might generate more interest.

Nice work! :+1:

It looks good!

very good~

Thank you for your kind comments. I launched this kickstarter because I have been waiting and searching for a long time now for a very portable version of an anatomy reference tool. I know that there are many reference tools out there but non that is truly portable that can be taken with you at all times without hassle.

from what I know, this has been done quite recently by another artist. Not sure it will generate much interest, even though it does look fantastic. There is also a female one available. I would suggest a cool alternative pose too

looks really good! I know it is good the way it is but I was thinking of something like replaceable arms with pronated and supinated versions. Wish you success with the Kickstarter! :slight_smile: