Hey guys! I’m really excited to finally share the creature I created while developing the program for my new live ZBrush Workshop. The creature is my take on Dante’s Malacoda, the leader of the Malebranche demons.


Everything you see in the concept was done in ZBrush and I used Photoshop for compositing the BPR render passes. here is a shot of some of the passes I generated:

Also here is a render (from keyshot) to showcase the high-res sculpt:

and the reader project I set up in ZBrush:

This short gif is a quick snippet of the whole process I’ll be covering in the workshop from design, blocking, sculpting, detailing, texturing, render all the way to compositing:


If you are interested in the workshop, it will be from the 21st of June to the 25th of June and the lessons will be live. Here is a quick video overview and all the details are in the link below the video (there are limited seats):

ZBrush End-to-end Creature Workshop


Amazing work! :+1:

Cool sculpt, and excellent presentation :+1:t5:

Impressive work! :+1:

I’m looking forward to your class on this.