Making Time For Art - Z4R5 The Dragon Flyer


Once again it is a “Time For Art” occasion and there is no better time for it than immediately following a freshly released version of ZBrush!

In this session, I chose to demonstrate two of the new Z4R5 features: ‘Panel Loops’ and ‘Polish By Features’.
With the help of these tools, you will be able to quickly transform a roughly shaped mesh to a glossy hard-surface model.

The model above does not look like a Dynamesh mesh, but it is one!

To transform your Dynamesh to a hard-surface-looking mesh, use the following steps…

1. Start with a Dynamesh sphere and then ‘push and pull’ to achieve a rough approximation of the shape you are after.

2. Apply polygrouping to define the ‘hard-transition’ regions of the mesh.

3. Make use of the ‘Panel Loops’ and ‘Polish By Feature’ functions to refine and polish your creation.

Simple, fast and fun, leaving you with ample opportunities to explore many more concepts!

Enjoy the movie, I hope you will be inspired to experiment with these features on your next ‘Time For Art’ session:)

Have Fun ZBrushing,


Fantastic, thanks!

Excellent work, just make me love Zbrush more and more.
I really have to update my skills with zbrush as it is so fast pace that I missed some great features.
How did you achieve such clean polygrouping? Is it just carreful mask painting converted to polygroup or is there an other trick to do the job?

Very nice work indeed. Kinda makes u think of a very futuristic model of Kitt from knight rider

Just in time for Christmas! Thank you and your entire staff for making the magic possible.

Just amazing as always! Thanks so much. :smiley:

Cheers, David

Saw this a couple hours ago! Was gonna comment but…I fainted. This is the best! Love evey bit of it. I want to watch the making of this for at least 2 hours!

Great vid - craft and updates Ofer and the pixo team !! you didnt have to do all that for my ten year anniversary here at ZBC <<<<<<<< no really !!:wink:
Merry Christmas !!

Great work. But why so tilty? I’d prefer a less drunken camera.

Amazing! and here I’m just barely getting the hang of anatomy. Wish I had your skills already, Pixolator!

Totally awesome display of skills both artistic and mechanical. You make it look so easy! I love that this version 4R5… and your movies came out now! I’ve turned into a fruit loop watching all this looping!
Much appreciated. I look forward to exploring and learning as much as I can.

Very inspiring use of the new tools. Thanks for showing that.

Thought should be given to publishing a cd with the songs you use in the background.
Might be a way to supplement sagging sales, should the need arise.

Just too sweet…awesome work

Fantastic Industrial model:+1:

magic like always!!* happy christmas Pixolator!! and thank you so much for all your work!

Search for “rkingslien” on youtube if you want to see an actual explaination for what is going on in this video.

There is much more epic in this than in LotR trilogy!! Thank you Pixologic! Each update is revolution!

Where is the rear view mirror?.. :-p

Just WOW!:+1: