Making Time For Art #4 - "Clay Time"



As we get closer to the release of ZBrush4R2, I am excited to share with you “Making Time For Art #4”.
This will be the last ‘TimeForArt’ post before the release of Z4R2.

This means that when I do post the next one, you will already be enjoying the new version:slight_smile:

To view the previous movies, visit Sneak peek #2and Making Time For Art #3.

I hope you will enjoy the movie; my goal is to spark your imagination by sharing new possibilities available with the release of Z4R2.
I am eager to see the impact these features will have on the art you post here, in ZBC, beginning September 20th .


note: Mesh-insert ‘head’ courtesy of Steve Jubinville.

cant wait

This is going to be revolutionary for me to free form sculpt… So much like Clay and so convenient! Thank you the Pixologic team!

So awesome… I already couldn’t wait for the 20th from the last video.

looks great!

Great!!! Can’t wait!!!

so awesome, I’m very excited for this release


I started crying half way through and had to shut it off…is it possible to make a program TOO GOOD??..wow…this is what I had dreamed of back when I learned softimage for the first time 13 years ago…Im going to try to recompose myself and watch the rest.

I can’t wait to play with Dynamesh. Seems there might be some new hotkeys to learn. Will it be possible to activate Dynamesh from a Zsphere chain?

:eek: Mamma miiiiiaaa, very nice job

jaw dropping

I Just weeped. Absolutely stunning!

Thank you Pixologic and everyone within and without who had the tiniest hand in the creation of this release. I know that this is a business but you guys have made a contribution, with the creation of ZBrush, that is on par with the creation of the greatest art tools ever. If the greater ‘We’ don’t screw it up, I believe works created in this program will be added to humankind’s artistic legacy. Frankly, I’m in awe!

And I’d love to know what the music is… :slight_smile:

Wow…This is going to be awesome! can’t wait…

I’m seeing material blending. is anyone else seeing that? Please tell me i’m not crazy.

Sketching redefined. Now that’s impressive.

Holy toldeo. You guys are doing something really special here :). It’s impossible to please everybody who bring a list of complaints, but that’s okay because this is hands down the most amazing package for enjoying yourself and creating awesome pieces.

This is looking amazing! Great job pixologic. The new freeform tools and polypaint tools look unbelievable! I can’t wait to learn these new features!

I’ve only been using Zbrush for a little over a month now and I can’t thank you enough for thinking of the artists first when designing your tools. This next release will be revolutionary.